The IIS takes full care and responsibility for the safe transport of our students to and from the campus. The school owns 21 buses and all bus drivers are well qualified, possess valid driving licences and good driving and conduct records. Each bus contains a female attendant always available in the journeys to ensure students behave and remain seated. For the younger students, the attendant drops off the students to a designated family member at the door of their destination. Each bus contains a First Aid Kit and is fitted with seat belts for each student. They are regularly maintained mechanically and ensure roadworthy.
Buses service various areas that include:

Zone AAl-Yadodeh, Marj Al-Hamam, Dayr Ghbar, Abdoun, Swaifyeh, Ameer Rashed Suburb, Southern Umm Al-Summaq, Abdallah Ghosheh Str.,Jabber Commercial Complex, Bayader Wadi El-Seer, Gandaweel Round-Trip
Zone BUmm Al-Summaq, Umm Authaynah, Mecca Str., Khalda, Al-Rabeyeh, Al-Shumaysany, Jabal Amman, Dabouq, Al-Rasheed Suburb, Tla’ Al-Ali, Sports City, Jabal Al-Luaybdah, Gardens Str. Round-Trip

Depending on the area where they live and bus capacity, students can pay for a whole year, by semester, or by route. Where space is limited, priority is given to students who have pre-paid for a round trip.