At the IIS, health and well-being of students and staff is supported throughout the academic year by the general practitioner (doctor) and a well-qualified nurse. The school clinic is provided with all the necessary tools and medical equipment to help in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions and provide the necessary medical procedures in emergency situations. The clinic hours are from 7:30 am – 2:30 pm during the academic year.
Functions and services provided by the medical staff in the school clinic include:

  1. A comprehensive periodical medical examination for school students at the beginning of each academic year.
  2. Sort chronic conditions for students, document and follow them up during the school year and communicate with students’ parents with these medical conditions over the phone or by asking the parents to visit the school clinic.
  3. Distribution of the medical questionnaire to all the students to fill in and save as a major supplement in the student's file.
  4. Give the required vaccines for the targeted students.
  5. Ongoing supervision on the external and internal school facilities and focus on the places where student’s food is manufactured and sold, the cleanliness of the canteens, the cafeteria working staff, also perform the inspection constantly to ensure the provision of healthy meals with high nutritional value.
  6. Provide educational seminars and brochures for students according to their age groups and for the academic staff to help them acquire the necessary skills for early detection of students’ health problems.
  7. Follow-up and provide the necessary medical care for the daily pathological cases in the clinic and emergency cases in the school yards and playgrounds.
  8. Health supervision on the activities, occasions, and scout athletic gatherings for students.
  9. Refer the cases requiring diagnostic tools to hospitals (cases of suspected fractures or large wounds and other emergency situations and follow-up by the school doctor.

If a student becomes unwell at school and needs to be sent home, the nurse will contact the parent/ caregiver to pick up the student keeping the student comfortable in the clinic during their wait.
Note: - The school’s students are covered by health insurance in most private hospitals for emergencies during school hours.