Homework is another form of learning outside the classroom, which plays a role in good education and leadership skills. It helps students develop good, consistent study habits. Regular homework results in both vital education and life skills. Homework promotes good study habits; develops positive attitudes toward school and demonstrates to students that learning can also take place outside of the school setting.


Homework is defined as the schoolwork that a student is required to do at home. It is done in preparation for a certain lesson taken or in preparation to future lessons that are planned and /or approved by the teacher. The student must complete this work outside regular class time in order to practice, reinforce or apply newly acquired skills and knowledge and to learn necessary skills of independent study.


Homework will be set according to the guidelines established by the School Board with the amount of homework set dependent on student grade level and the time of year.


Homework assigned is not only the responsibility of the student but also of the teachers and parents to help ensure that it is completed on time and to a required standard. Teacher’s responsibility include assigning educationally appropriate and relevant homework. Students are responsible for understanding homework expectations before leaving school and must complete homework on time, while ensuring it is of high quality upon submission. Parents assist in ensuring their children complete their homework.

Late work

Refer to the IIS Homework Guidelines for details.