We at IIS believe that students show their growth in a variety of ways, therefore, we utilize a variety of assessments and measurement tools in a systematic process to obtain a valid and accurate picture of each student that reflects his/her attainment of content knowledge and skills.


Assessment is an ongoing process at IIS. Assessment helps gather data related to student achievements, therefore, it assists with school improvement efforts. They are linked to specific curriculum outcomes and objectives. Summative assessments will be communicated to students in a timely fashion. All assessments are transparent in grading requirements, with objectives shared with the student and students aware of the required standard.

Report Cards

IIS will regularly report student progress to the students and to their parents or guardians as appropriate. Progress report cards will be developed in agreement with school procedures by school principal. The parental communication of progress will include on-going progress the student is making, any slack in student’s performance or unsatisfactory attitude and explanation of the meaning of the marks and symbols as they apply to student achievement.

Parent-Teacher Conference

Parents and teachers will be allowed to discuss student’s performance, needs and methods of cooperation with the parents through conference scheduled throughout the year. Conferences are aimed to promote academic and social-emotional growth and development of the student. Communication between the parent and teacher will be conducted in privacy and with confidentiality.

Lateness Policy

Late submissions include makeup work, redo/ retake and incompletes. These are further outlined in the “IIS Assessment Guidelines”.