The value of an international education is widespread and involves many different aspects. Through an international education, students are empowered to engage and attempt to resolve world issues, prepare for the challenges on a global scale, and build their social networks in a manner that is beneficial to them past graduation.

From Pre-school through grade 12, IIS students pursue internationally recognized programs of study. The school provides a high-quality American based education for students. Students begin with the American based curriculum from early kindergarten years until junior years (9th grade). As juniors, students are required to decide alongside their parents whether they will continue in the American system with SAT school-leaving certificates or change to the British system with GCE/IGCSE/A-Level school-leaving certificates. Both certifications must meet the Jordan Tawjihi Equivalency criteria. The British certificates are offered by Edexcel and Cambridge International Examinations and have international credibility as educational qualifications.