Professional growth for teachers at IIS is encouraged and is considered a key link to improved student learning and achievement. Not only is professional development linked to high levels of student learning, but also it is also significant in building teacher and capacity for learning and leading. The Educational Development Centre located at our school’s main objective is to provide teachers and leaders at I.I.S with academic and educational services and to enhance the quality of learning and teaching.

Areas of Focus

IIS organizes and recommends a variety of courses and activities across the school year with particular areas of focus.

These areas include:
  • Assessment
  • Curriculum
  • Instructional Leadership
  • Instructional Practices
  • Deepening Understanding and Special Topics
Conferences and Workshops

Each year, IIS faculty members attend workshops and conferences in order to extend their own professional learning. Workshops are held based on the audiences’ needs and commitment in order to improve as a core of the schools policy.

Most of the workshops deal with its audiences inspirationally considering the Pedagogy and Andragogy process. We provide professional knowledge and expertise in educational development, for the sake of our students’ and in order for them to have a better and brighter future.

Conferences attended include the Teacher Skills Forum hosted by the Queen Rania Teaching Academy, the Global Education and Skills Forum hosted by the Varkey Foundation, AdvancED Global Conferences, Annual Principal’s Forum held by different British Boards and many more.