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    The International Independent School is Located on a 26,000 Sq meters campus in a residential area. The International Independent School serves nearly 700 students. IIS was established in 2007. It is an accredited Prekindergarten through Twelfth Grade, college-preparatory, coeducational, independent, day school in Amman, Jordan. It is accredited by the Jordan Ministry of Education, Advanced Ed for the American curriculum ( SAT, ACT, AP) and is recognized as an accredited school by Edexcel and Cambridge for the IGCSE and GCE British programs.

    The academically challenging curriculum is responsive to each child's needs and is supported by a strong honor code. There is a 7-to-1, student-to-teacher ratio, and the educational process is a cooperative endeavor among students, parents, and faculty. This process not only prepares the student for college study, but also supports self-esteem and a love of learning. The Lower School strives to develop self-esteem and to build a sense of responsibility toward others. It encourages independent thinking within a solid academic foundation.

    The Middle and Upper Schools provide students with the skills, attitudes, and character development they need to succeed in competitive colleges and universities. Advanced Placement classes are available in all disciplines in the Upper School. There is a dress code and community service requirement, all of which foster an environment necessary for the education and enrichment of the child as a social being. The students are very excited about their school and are committed to the positive environment that is created by all.

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