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Information Technology

    Within the IIS orientations toward implementing the latest techniques in the fields of contemporary ICT, IIS has established three computer labs furnished with high sophisticated technology and additional computer accessories. We seek to take accreditation from Microsoft to enable students, by the end of the basic stage, to obtain the license of mastering computer skills.
    Our computer lab is a great place! It is a warm and comfortable room which is the real place to learn and have fun at the same time.

    There are eighteen computers monitored and controlled by the main computer with which the teacher can control all other computers for both presenting lessons and other safety matters.

    The lab is also provided with all suitable and important machines: like internet, modem, printer, scanner and even lockers.

    Students enjoy IT classes where they can learn and practice what they have learnt using great web sites such as “e-learner” and other programs like “Tux paint” and “Free mind”

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