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    At IIS, student counseling is offered at different levels. The School employs full-time qualified counselors who provide emotional and developmental guidance to students. Several other specialists are also involved in academic guidance.

Our guidance program is founded in the following principles:
  • To provide a caring environment.
  • To assist our students in their academic preparations.
  • To provide guidance that helps students make positive and responsible decisions.
  • To assist our students in through all levels of academic and personal development.
  • To help our students as they explore and develop their valuable systems.
  • To share with parents every aspect of the students growth and development.
Counseling Department
    This is provided by qualified counselor in the department, who gets into the students’ different social and psychological needs according to different ages. The counseling department, either solely or in cooperation with different departments, tackles several standard issues, such as study habits, smoking, nutrition, peer pressure, addiction and others. There are also series of lectures to support the program. This department provides counseling services to students with certain learning problems attempting to provide solutions that might include modifications of the student program. The department receives students who seek personal as well as those who are transferred upon their teachers or “Student Affairs Office” recommendations. The department has a major role in handling discipline problems by counseling students in-groups and individually and there are several methods for conflict resolution. The department follows up on cases where parents require special monitoring of their children. Observations on students’ behavior in and outside the classroom are also taken into consideration.
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