Strategic Technology Plan  

Strategic Technology Plan 2009-2012 Executive Summary
    The International Independent School is committed to fostering intellectual exploration, individual growth and social responsibility in our students' lifelong pursuit of scholarship, integrity, community and opportunity. International Independent envisions its students as global citizens and leaders in the 21st century. The mission of technology is to support the broader mission of the school.

   To prepare students for the unprecedented opportunities that await citizens of the 21st century, International Independent recognizes that a thorough understanding of technology is essential for success. Educational technology, thoughtfully and appropriately applied, will enhance not only the learning experiences of all students but also the professional growth of International Independent’s faculty and staff. In the interest of having students take ownership of their education, technological skill-building will be integrated into the curriculum. The School believes that full and equitable access to technological resources, available anytime and anywhere, must be a high priority for International Independent students, faculty and staff. The Strategic Technology Plan envisions a faculty that intellectually engages students through "appropriate integration and applications of technology." International Independent committed to providing faculty with quality resources to support this goal.

    Similarly, the management of the International Independent School requires the same access to technology and support to promote and enhance student activities, admission services, development services, financial services, communication, and facilities management. As stewards of International Independent’s resources, we recognize that our investment in technological resources will bring about long-term benefits to the community improving productivity and allowing for the better distribution and conservation of the school's financial resources.

  1. Equip International Independent School with state-of-the-art technology resources that support and enhance teaching, learning and administrative processes.
  2. Provide professional development training to ensure a baseline proficiency in technology for all faculty and staff.
  3. Provide technology support to enhance productivity and administrative processes.
  4. Ensure that faculty technology is an integral part of learning and teaching.
  5. Ensure students graduate with an understanding of and proficiency with technology as an education and productivity tool.
  6. Encourage and support innovative uses of technology.
  7. Assess technology plan progress annually and revise technology plan as necessary to stay current and relevant.

  1. Establish hardware and software standards
  2. Develop procedure to assess technology training needs at International Independent School on a yearly basis.
  3. Define Help Desk procedures for users.
  4. Define service delivery, tracking and quality control procedures for the Technology Team.
  5. Encourage teachers' use of productivity and class management tools to facilitate lesson development, instruction, assessment, communication and grade reporting
  6. Look for evidence of technology integration in lessons and student work through periodic classroom observation.
  7. Enable use of technology to generate new ideas, products or processes (work product, e.g. word processing, presentations, note taking, Wikis, video)
  8. Provide access to digital tools to facilitate communication and collaboration among students
  9. Identify technology innovators among faculty and staff who will explore new technologies, systems and software to determine their viability in the International Independent School Collegiate technology environment.
  10. Redefine the role/purpose and objectives of the Technology Steering Committee.

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